Suffering from winter blues?

The glow of the holidays is beginning to wear off. Its dark. It’s cold. You can’t stop sneezing and a not-so-sexy bruise is forming from when you ate pavement yesterday (thank you ice). I feel you. But instead of fantasizing that you are on a beach somewhere exotic (drinking margaritas with someone even more exotic!), I challenge you perk up, bundle up, and enjoy some of the simple magical pleasures of winter. Why not…

Build a fire – Go ice skating – Spend a Saturday in bed – Paint your nails a wintery color – Dive into a novel you’ve been meaning to read – Drink tea – Make a snowman – Get to work an hour late and blame it on the snow – Plan a trip to the spa and sit in the sauna – Take a road trip with friends – Cuddle with someone you love – Light yummy scented candles – Learn to knit – Take a hot yoga class – Call your grandparents/other relatives who love hearing from you – Wear your Uggs out on the town (this will likely horrify some of my girlfriends, but I’m listing it anyway!) – Start a craft project – Make someone’s day – Bake something (or intend to bake and just eat all the batter…) – Send snail mail to close friends telling them how much they mean to you – Clean out your closet – Volunteer at a soup kitchen – Plan your next vacation – Watch old movies – Enjoy yourself…

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