Tutus, ring pops, & sparkles! (…and other stuff that made me smile this week)

Photo: Youtopia3.

Photo: Show Me Your Truth.

Photo: Count Your Blessings Now.

So far this week I’ve loved…

*Reading The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, so inspiring!

*Rocking my curly hair

*Sipping Blackberry Martinis at Circa with Becky 🙂

*Karen Millen Dresses

*Wandering aimlessly around Barns and Noble

*Getting lots of sleep

*Practicing my new favorite yoga posture, not surprisingly called, Dancer’s Pose

*Kerastase Deep Conditioner, a little pricey but absolute AMAZZIINNGGNESSS. And I mean, can you really put a price on good hair? Exactly.

*Catching a conservative looking dude in a suit sing along to You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift this morning. We were waiting in line for bagels…so obviously I joined him!

*Busting a move during a Street Jazz class at Joy of Motion

*Taking pictures of the sky

*Sunshine and warm weather

*Purchasing craft supplies for my art journal

*The arrival of Easter candy!

*Roberto di Camerio handbags

*spring cleaning. Wait, let me rephrase. The after effects of spring cleaning.

*Finishing my taxes

*Volunteering at Pals

*Wanting to live in a pink house like THIS ONE!

And obviously tutus, ring pops, and sparkles!

What made you happy this week?


3 thoughts on “Tutus, ring pops, & sparkles! (…and other stuff that made me smile this week)

  1. This yoga posture looks pretty cool. I want to learn to do it as well! I LOVE Roberto di Camerio bags :-)What made me happy…having a day off to recover from the marathon on Monday and having dinner in a really cool Indian/Chineese restaurant yesterday.

  2. Wow love those photos! Hmm, I have so much that has made me happy this week! Being home seeing family, and catching up with old friends have probably been the highlight of my week! Have a great day :)-Ellie

  3. So occasionally I get behind on reading your blog (and have fun catch up sessions), and I just noticed the shout out! I loved the blackberry margaritas, but mostly I loved hanging out with you! See you tomorrow.-Becky

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