Wonderful Weekend Recap

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Happy Monday everyone. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here are some highlights of mine…

*Friday night dinner at Circa in Dupont Circle (quickly becoming one of my fav spots in DC). One of my best friends was visiting from Boston and I got to meet her adorable beau!)

*Sleeping WAY IN on Saturday…sometimes a girl just needs some quality shut eye (love Kimberly Wilson’s concept of bed days, MUST start building more of these into my schedule!)

*Afternoon drinks overlooking the water at Sequoia on Saturday afternoon. Lovely to spend some quality time with the BF 🙂

*Going out in Georgetown on Saturday night. Fun fun fun.

*Wandering around the luscious Botanical Gardens with my Mumsy Sunday afternoon in celebration of Mothers Day. Then decadent dinner and drinks at The W (beautiful view and divine weather).

*Watching the season finale of The Vampire Diaries (OMG SO GOOD CAN’T EVEN STAND IT!!)

*Lighting lavender incense and perusing beautiful blogs in bed on Sunday evening.

All in all, a pretty fab weekend, oui? I’d love to hear what made your weekend magical!

Peace, love, and hair whips,



One thought on “Wonderful Weekend Recap

  1. That's an awesome weekend!I had many birthday celebrations this weekend. So lots of food, wine and dance for me :-)The last episode of the Vampire Diaries will be shown next week in UK. I can't wait. I want something magical to happen and save Damon's life, he's too cute to die.

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