Last Week’s Highlights

Highlights from last week…

* Penning fall goals and indulging in restorative yoga at the Urban Women’s Yoga Retreat led by Kimberly Wilson at Tranquil Space + attending 2 additional yoga classes

* Learning more about Google AdWords at the Google Engage annual conference in NYC

* Downing far too many Pumpkin Spice and Chai Tea lattes (it’s actually liquid crack)

* Dining at Black Market Bistro for my mommy’s birthday dinner…absolutely delish!

* Mingling with family and friends at a Rosh Hashanah party

* Getting a great annual review at work…cannot believe it has been a year, where does time go?!

* Donning boots and sweaters (YAY FALL!)

* Mini soiree at the boyfriend’s apartment (I sipped chai tea while all the big kids drank beer)

* Obsessively checking Gawker

* Teaching yoga to a lively bunch of middle and high school girls at PALS

* Chick flick + heart to heart with my beloved sister who was visiting from NYC

* Fall shopping with said sister…we did some damage…

* Reading Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life

* Free pizza lunch at work on Friday (plus getting videotaped for the company website #awkwardbutsecretlyfun)

* Cuddling and watching Mad Men with Le Beau 🙂

* Watching The Vampire Diaries (OMG OMG so good. I am way too obsessed with this show– someone please intervene)

*Munching on candy corn while hanging a string of silver glittery skulls in preparation for Halloween–so festive!

*AND laundry, errands, getting my car repaired and a few other similarly dreary tasks…

Have a wonderful week and stay sparkly!