Fall Foliage, Frat Boys and "Football"

Fall foliage, frat boys (*ahem* men) and “football” really only mean one thing to your average twenty-something meaning of life-pondering college grad: Homecoming. And last weekend I got to experience this delightful autumnal tradition anew as I road tripped to the College of William and Mary (attended by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Monroe, and my boyfriend). The weekend was full of long strolls through Colonial Williamsburg, a fireworks display (step it up Vandy), delicious food and plenty of mixing, and mingling. Here are a few photos I snapped:

The sun shining through the trees (stop rolling your eyes)

Charming old school soaps sold in a Williamsburg market

Candy displayed in the amazing sweet market. Still. Salivating.

Pretty sure I said I’d never return after first semester freshman year. Oops.

I was tad hungry and irritable when the boyfriend made me pose for this but it actually turned out pretty cute…(don’t tell him I said so and we’ll see if he really does read this as closely as he claims).

Hope you all have a fabulous week planning Halloween shenanigans for the upcoming weekend!


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