Got a Case of the Blahs? Read This!


Maybe you feel stressed out and overworked.  Or got in a fight with a close friend.  Or perhaps just didn’t get enough sleep last night…and it’s raining…and you have PMS.

Whatever the case may be, we all have days where all we want to do is lay in bed in sweatpants consuming seasons of Real Housewives and Ben and Jerry’s.  The next time this happens, I dare you to:

Sit still and breathe.  Let everything you are experiencing wash over you and really swim in it.  Notice how the physical sensations feel in your body.  Clenched jaw?  Tight chest?  Keep focusing on your breath and recognize and name what comes up and let it wash over you.

Write it out. When you feel out of sorts, putting pen to paper can be incredibly cathartic. The key is to jot down whatever comes to mind without censoring yourself or worrying about spelling and grammar.  Remember, no one else has to see what you write and you can always shred/burn it when you’re done and have gotten everything off your chest.

Connect with loved ones. When you’re feeling down, it can be scary to reach out to people be vulnerable. But not only will confiding in someone likely provide a sense of relief, it can strengthen your relationship and give you the support and perspective you crave.

Move the bod.  Endorphins are powerful.  Even if you just clock10 minutes on the elliptical or do a few sun salutations, life tends to look infinitely brighter through a post-workout lens.

Hope this gives you a few ideas for dealing with those pesky less than fabulous moods in a healthy way. Remember, everyone feels icky sometimes but the most wonderful thing about feelings is their transient nature.  This too shall pass.  Sending buckets of love to anyone in need of a little extra today.