How to deal with your fear (and stay fabulous!)

Fear, in my experience, comes in 2 basic varieties.  The kind that has your best interest at heart…and the other kind.

The desire to run like hell when confronted with a speeding train or rabid animal, for example? GOOD FEAR.

Not taking action toward what you’re reallllly passionate about because you’re too scared you’ll fail/be judged/look imperfect? BAD FEAR.

Too many people I know (especially young women) let the bad kind of fear keep them from taking the risks necessary to make awesome things happen in the world.  And I hate it.

So in lieu of a traditional blog post this week, I’ve created a video outlining 4 simple strategies for dealing with and moving past fear that is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.  Hope you enjoy it and here’s to a fearlessly fabulous week!


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