SSSSTOP being so humble (Yeah you. Stop that!)

Last week I edited a document for a girlfriend.  It was a quick favor, just some light tweaking + sprucing. Took 15 minutes tops.

Shortly after I clicked “send” I received a gushing text.

“OMG you are SUCH an amazing writer.  Thank you so so so much!”

To which I instantly replied

“Ugh no stop it. YOU are amazing!”

Can I get a WTF?

As a life coach + woman preaching the gospel of self-love to anyone who will listen (and a few who won’t ;)), my inability to take my friend’s compliment is ASTOUNDING.

And it got me thinking:

WHY are we (especially as women) so uncomfortable hearing and talking about how wonderful we are?  Why do we dim down our light and shrink away from our greatness?  Is it cultural conditioning?  An innate belief that we’re all somehow inadequate?

While the answer is likely beyond the scope of this post, the solution (or at leas the beginning of it) is not.

Without further adieu, allow me to introduce my super official fancy-pants exercise entitled:

“What would the cockiest guy I know do?”

 I bust this baby out whenever I hear a client or friend playing down his or her (usually her) greatness in some way.

  • First, I ask them to think of the most conceited, obnoxious and full-of-himself dude they know (usually not too terribly difficult to call to mind).
  • Next, I ask them to describe how he would behave in their situation.
  • Lastly, I challenge them to shift a few baby steps in that direction.

Now of course I’m not advocating that they (or you) become this guy.  He’s really annoying!  But since I’m confident there’s no chance of that happening (my blog readers are, after all, FABULOUS), taking a step closer to the bravado + confidence he expresses is usually a really positive step.

Because the truth is we ARE amazing.   And confidence breeds more confidence.  The more we believe in + project our greatness to the world, the more the world will reflect it back to us in a life worthy of that greatness.

So in the spirit of self-celebration and creating an amazing life, I dare you to write down one thing that makes you FABULOUS in the comments section below.

I’ll go first:

My name is Rebecca and I’m a brilliantly creative writer + mega-talented life coach.

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Now your turn.

Be big. Be bold.  And do not, under any circumstances, be modest.

Fabulously yours,


Honey I'm Fabulous


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