Me + You + a VIP Marketing Day at The W!


It is with great delight (and a few fist pumps + a lil happy dance) that I announce my newest offering…

The BRANDFabulous Intensive: A high-impact luxury experience for lady-preneurs who want to fast-track their marketing in 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 5.40.16 PM

Here’s what it looks like:

I greet you at the chic W Hotel in Washington DC on the date of your choosing with a hug and a latte (or tasty beverage of choice) and we head up to a luxury suite to get to work.

In 4 hours we :

  • Delve into the psychology of your ideal customer & design/refine a signature offer that will light them (and you!) up like a Christmas tree.
  • Craft a marketing + visibility action plan for 2015 (say buh-bye to being your industry’s best-kept secret!).
  • Begin to shift your money mindset so you can become a magnet for wealth and high paying clients.
  • Get my expert opinion + feedback on your existing website and marketing materials, as well as access to all the backend tools I use to run my business (Read: you can pick my brain about anything + everything).

There will be delicious munchies and beverages to fuel us and my sole focus will be on making YOU feel deeply supported.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 5.44.39 PM

After this 4-hour marketing + biz mind meld, I will drop you off at the renowned Bliss Spa for a complimentary lady-pampering treatment of choice (Massage? Mani-pedi? Totally up to you babe, you’ve earned it!). This is time for your body and psyche to assimilate all the magic we’ve created).

Once you’re done, we’ll head to the rooftop bar to cap off the day with a celebratory champagne toast—to you and all you’re creating in the New Year!

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 5.42.41 PM

After this glorious day, we’ll have 6 follow up calls (1 hour each) so you can continue all of the positive momentum from the intensive and feel deeply supported as you implement everything we discussed.

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs, coaches, and small business owners who are READY and WILLING to take a major step towards growing their businesses in the new year!

How much does it cost?

The total investment is $3,000 but if you sign up before December 31st, 2015 you can get it for the discounted price of $2,500 (payment plans are also available).

Here’s what a few people have said about what it’s like to work with me.

Interested and want to learn more? Email me at to set up a discovery call.


How to manifest money to fund your desires


It has been SUCH a juicy week for me ladies.

Last Wednesday I did a discovery call with one of my coach crushes, Jessica Caver, for her luxury business intensive at The Ritz Carlton in Miami and there was just this huge part of me that wanted to scream, “YES!”. How luxurious! How celebratory! How decadent! I mean, could it get much better than masterminding for 2015 over champagne, with this really cool chick, in a 5-star hotel, in sunny Miami?!?

But then fear and doubt crept in.

“Rebecca, you just started cutting back from your full time job. Sure you have some money right now, but is this really necessary? What if all of your clients cancel and you can’t pay your bills? What if you fail miserably?” (my inner mean girl is a buzz kill and a half).

I knew I didn’t want to put this on a credit card. And I knew I had a burning desire to have the experience. So I got crystal clear on the EXACT AMOUNT OF MONEY that it would take to make it happen (travel costs, the price of the intensive, all of it) and still meet all my other financial obligations.

Once I had a number, I wrote out what I could offer in exchange for that exact amount of money and to how many new clients I would need in order to reach that goal.

* I got SPECIFIC even though I had no freaking clue where these new clients were going to come from.
* I did a meditation and envisioned how amazing it was going to feel when all that money came into my bank account.
* I imagined how thrilling it would be to write to Jessica and let her know I wanted to hire her.
* I felt the joy, relief, and excitement my future clients would experience as a result of working with me.
* I wrote out an affirmation thanking the Universe in advance for the money, and drew dollar signs and sparkly hearts all around it (I’m told I’m much more in touch with my inner 6 year old girl than the average person).

It was an all-out good vibes rager (and I was ready to party).

A few days later I got an idea for a new offer and I posted it on Facebook. Responses started pouring in from incredible women wanting to work with me. An article I wrote weeks ago suddenly went viral on Elite Daily, getting shared more than 6k times. I was asked to write for two beautiful new online publications (one of which I didn’t even pitch, they wrote to me). And in the last 2 days I’ve gotten hired 4 times.

Needless to say, I made my financial goal and could not think of a more fabulous way to tie a bow around 2014.

And none of this would have been possible if I hadn’t said yes to my big juicy desire to get high level support from a coach I admired. And if just the decision to work with her has generated this much momentum, all I have to say is watch out 2015!

What do you secretly crave but won’t let yourself have because it’s “too luxurious”, “too indulgent” or “too expensive”? I hope this story inspires you to own it and start taking aligned action steps to make it happen.

Remember: Where there’s a w̶i̶l̶l̶ desire, there’s a way.

5 Social Media Hacks for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs


social media for life coaches

In an age where we encounter a barrage of “important updates” and blinking/buzzing screens before breakfast, digital overwhelm is at an all time high. And when social media gets added to your already full plate, it might feel like you’re one mouse click away from a meltdown.

But before you tweet, post, pin, or digg yourself into an early grave, check out these 5 time, money, and sanity-saving tips (you’re welcome).

1) Stay organized with Twitter lists.  Twitter overwhelm can be debilitating and tempt you into avoiding the social network altogether. But to avoid becoming a social media pariah (or drowning in a sea of newsfeed updates), segment the people you follow into private Twitter “lists” (one for customers, personal friends, competitors, industry leaders, journalists, and relevant media outlets). Then create specific goals around these lists (ie. to engage with 1 person from each list per day) in order to make the most of your time.

2) Repeat after me: Facebook Groups > Facebook Pages.  Ever since Facebook began favoring sponsored posts over company page updates in its newsfeed algorithm last fall, it has been significantly harder for companies to get consumer eyeballs on their content without paying for it. The solution? Posting in Facebook groups, which drastically increases the chances that your content will show up in group members’ newsfeeds without you having to spend a dime for the exposure. As an added bonus, Facebook groups are great for networking and creating a sense of community around your brand.

3) Don’t leave Google+ out in the cold.Though Google doesn’t say so in any official capacity, the network absolutely prioritizes Google+ posts in it’s search engine results, especially when they are recent and contain highly relevant keywords to a particular search query. The takeaway? Don’t ignore Google+ in your social media strategy and make an effort to include relevant brand keywords in your updates to this often-undervalued and overlooked social network.

4) Create + share branded images.  When it comes to social media, an image is worth a thousand words Likes. Creating captivating + highly sharable images that include information relevant to your brand (such as attention-grabbing quotes or statistics) is social media gold. Be sure to incorporate your logo, URL and branded hashtag into each image and post to popular visually oriented social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. While having a professional designer create the images is ideal, you can also go the DIY route with decent results by using image-editing tools like PicMonkey and Canva.

5) Get listed.  Though they can be a hassle to keep up with, business-listing sites are a highly effective way to get your products and services in front of people who are actively looking for what you have to offer. They also tend to be highly ranked in search engines and are a great way to drive traffic to your website. For small to medium-sized local businesses, Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare, Thumbtack and Angie’s List are a must but it’s also smart to look into industry-specific listing sites as well.

Annnnnd that’s a wrap. Hopefully, after reading + implementing these strategies you (in the words of her highness Olivia Pope) have social media “handled”. But if you still feel overwhelmed, would rather work “in” than “on” your business, or want to spend your days lounging on a tropical beach (while your social media channels drive major dollars to your business without you having to lift a finger), outsourcing is your best bet.

And if it’s a highly qualified + industry vetted provider you’re after, may I humbly suggest you drop me a line at  I’d also love to hear any of your tips/questions in the comments field below!

3 Real Life Dating Take-Aways from This Season of the Bachelorette


Andi Dorfman

A few weeks back, the whole world rabid Bachelorette fans everywhere watched with bated breath as Andy gifted her final rose to Josh, and sent a shocked Nick home brokenhearted. While Andy’s search for love was typical for the Bachelor franchise in many ways (with all the sensationalized romance, over-the-top clichés, and male cat fights we’ve come to know and love), Andy was hands-down the coolest bachelorette yet (and could teach us all a thing or two about finding love). Here are 3 real-life dating gems we can all glean from her highly televised + rose petal-strewn search for love.

1) Don’t judge a book (or bachelor!) by its cover.

From the second former pro baseball player (and all-American hottie), Josh, stepped out of the limo, Andy was intrigued. But despite both hailing from the same Atlanta suburb and off the charts chemistry, Andy was slow to let her guard down with Josh. Because she’d dated (and been burned!) by “the athlete type” in the past, she really put him through the ringer and took a while to trust him. Luckily for Andy (and sadly for Josh-fans everywhere) she eventually let him in and they are now happily engaged.

The lesson: While it’s good to learn from past heartbreak, remember that every person is unique. If you pigeonhole someone as a certain “type” before getting to know him or her you might end up missing something great.

2) Be kind (but honest) when you break it off.

When Andy sent Midwestern man candy, Chris, home before the Fantasy Suite, she gained a lot of respect in my book. Instead of blaming the breakup on his small town in Iowa, she was honest about the fact that the depth of their connection just wasn’t where she wanted it to be. Not taking a cop out and being honest will allow him to really move on rather than always wonder “what if”. And in his case moving on entails landing much-coveted role as America’s next Bachelor (no tears for you, Farmer Chirs).

The lesson: When you are lovingly honest during a breakup, you set the other person free to find the love they deserve.

3) Know that you can be feminine and powerful

Of all the Bachelorette’s America has come to know and love, Ms. Dorfman is certainly a force to be reckoned with. From her comfort on the shooting range to her skills in the courtroom she’s not afraid to be smart and tough, and as the star of a reality show centered on dating, that’s refreshing to see. When she put playboy Juan Pablo in his place last season on The Bachelor she showed the world she would not be messed with or settle for less than amazing treatment, and this season she continued to speak her mind and ask tough questions annnnnnd wear sparkly dresses.

The lesson: Confidently bring your whole self to the dating game and don’t be afraid to do things that aren’t traditionally “feminine”. The more “you” you are, the more likely you’ll be to attract the right partner.

So there you have it folks, 3 takeaways from Andy’s romp on reality TV. Thoughts? Think I missed any key nuggets of dating wisdom this season? Let me know in the comments below! And mazel tov Andy and Josh on your engagement, you bring new meaning to the term HOTlanta.

Wish marketing your biz felt less like work and more like play? I have something for you.


marketing for life coaches


I’m launching a brand-spankin’ new coaching offering.

It’s called BrandFABULOUS. It starts this September. And it’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever created (cough cough).

Here’s the official fancy-pants write up:

BrandFABULOUS is an 8-week intensive for socially conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to take their digital presences to the next level.

On the surface?

It’s about learning to write more impactful + snazzy website copy, social media content, blog posts, and e-newsletters.

But really?

It’s about uncovering what makes you + your biz uniquely FABULOUS and empowering you to express that flavor of fabulous on (and off!) line.

BrandFABULOUS is designed for coaches, artists and passionate movers n’ shakers who love their business but haaaaattte marketing — people who struggle to:

  • Explain what they do to strangers (whether it’s on their website or at a cocktail party)
  • Come up with ideas for social media content, blog posts and e-newsletters
Promote their services without feeling like a sleazy McSleazball
  • Overcome anxiety about playing big and putting themselves + their work out there online

This offering includes 4 hour-long “brandstorm” sessions with moi, assignments to complete in between our calls and customized feedback on your website + copy created over the course of the program.

By the end of the 8-week intensive, you will have …

  • A crystal clear understanding of your brand’s “FABU-factor”, or what makes you + your work uniquely brilliant
  • An ahh-mazing answer to the dreaded, “So what do YOU do?” question
Dazzling website copy (including a bio, tagline, mission statement, and product/services descriptions) that makes your dream clients want to scream yes yes yes!
An outline of blog, e-newsletter, and social media prompts to turn to whenever you have no F***ing clue what to write about.
Access to the best practical + spiritual tools I’ve come across in my 5 years as a professional wordsmith and social media gun-for-hire.
More “Ah-Ha” moments, positive momentum and clarity than you know what to do with!

Are you ready to shine BIGGER and BRIGHTER than you ever thought possible?

Email me at to learn more about the program!

Fabulously yours,


SSSSTOP being so humble (Yeah you. Stop that!)


Last week I edited a document for a girlfriend.  It was a quick favor, just some light tweaking + sprucing. Took 15 minutes tops.

Shortly after I clicked “send” I received a gushing text.

“OMG you are SUCH an amazing writer.  Thank you so so so much!”

To which I instantly replied

“Ugh no stop it. YOU are amazing!”

Can I get a WTF?

As a life coach + woman preaching the gospel of self-love to anyone who will listen (and a few who won’t ;)), my inability to take my friend’s compliment is ASTOUNDING.

And it got me thinking:

WHY are we (especially as women) so uncomfortable hearing and talking about how wonderful we are?  Why do we dim down our light and shrink away from our greatness?  Is it cultural conditioning?  An innate belief that we’re all somehow inadequate?

While the answer is likely beyond the scope of this post, the solution (or at leas the beginning of it) is not.

Without further adieu, allow me to introduce my super official fancy-pants exercise entitled:

“What would the cockiest guy I know do?”

 I bust this baby out whenever I hear a client or friend playing down his or her (usually her) greatness in some way.

  • First, I ask them to think of the most conceited, obnoxious and full-of-himself dude they know (usually not too terribly difficult to call to mind).
  • Next, I ask them to describe how he would behave in their situation.
  • Lastly, I challenge them to shift a few baby steps in that direction.

Now of course I’m not advocating that they (or you) become this guy.  He’s really annoying!  But since I’m confident there’s no chance of that happening (my blog readers are, after all, FABULOUS), taking a step closer to the bravado + confidence he expresses is usually a really positive step.

Because the truth is we ARE amazing.   And confidence breeds more confidence.  The more we believe in + project our greatness to the world, the more the world will reflect it back to us in a life worthy of that greatness.

So in the spirit of self-celebration and creating an amazing life, I dare you to write down one thing that makes you FABULOUS in the comments section below.

I’ll go first:

My name is Rebecca and I’m a brilliantly creative writer + mega-talented life coach.

See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?

Now your turn.

Be big. Be bold.  And do not, under any circumstances, be modest.

Fabulously yours,


Honey I'm Fabulous

Why “nice guys” ultimately finish first in love


“You seem like the type of girl who could easily be played,” a guy I was casually dating (and very much wanted to impress) once told me over brunch.  I almost chocked on my mimosa.

Me?  Easily played?  Was he serious?

“Really why?”  I responded, incredulous, but trying to seem nonchalant.

“Because you’re too nice.” 

BOOM.  There it was.  “Nice”.

A quality we all claim to want in a romantic partner, but seem to forget the minute six-pack abs, a trust fund or a general abundance of “game” enters the room.  A surefire way to end up on the losing team in the game of love.  The proverbial ‘kiss of death’ to sex appeal.

Or so I used to believe.

Over the last few years, however, my view of being “nice” and its impact on the whole dating “game” has shifted DRAMATICALLY.  In fact, I no longer even consider dating to be a “game” at all, for the very term “game” implies that there are winners and losers.  And with a shift in perspective, there don’t have to be.

When we view the people in our lives as both our teachers and our students, and relationships as lessons in disguise, inevitable rough patches + bumps along the way can be seen not as “failures” but rather opportunities to learn and grow.

In order to move in this direction, it’s particularly important to recognize the creative power of the words we speak, and bring awareness to any “disempowering” language we use to describe our love lives.  For example, why not replace, “he dumped me” with something like, “he decided that continuing this relationship wasn’t what was best for him—and by extension me—at this time.”

Whew.  Isn’t that lighter?  Cleaner? Less loaded with self-pity and judgment? I certainly think so.

And to take it a step further, how about no longer letting whether or not a relationship works out “mean” anything about you—or the person you’re dating!  If someone breaks up with you, for example, it doesn’t have to mean you’re a not pretty, smart, lovable, or whatever enough.  It also doesn’t mean the person you’re dating is a jerk.  Its simply indicates that the relationship isn’t meant to work out at this time and that there is someone out there better suited to both parties.  Period. End of story.

If there’s one thing I know for sure about love, it’s this:

We get back 100% of what we put out into the world.   The more love we give, without attachment to the result, the more love we will receive.  Therefore when we treat someone with anything less than love and kindness, we end up hurting ourselves more than we could ever possibly hurt them.  Because we are all ultimately connected.

So while being “nice” may weaken your “game” with someone who’s only interested in chasing you (and not fully available/capable of being with you), it has the power to take your universal “game” (aka. karma) to a whole new level; helping you to attract + keep a truly loving romantic partner.

So I invite you to join me in reclaiming your “niceness”.  

* In refusing to see dating as a “game” with winners and losers, but rather an opportunity for love and connection.

* In not letting the relative “success” of a romantic relationship mean anything about you or your partner.

* In being brave enough to drop the disempowering dating rhetoric so common in today’s culture.

* And finally, in simply viewing romance for what it is: A chance for you to connect with another human being; To have new experiences; To practice giving and receiving love; To learn, and to grow.

And to the guy who thought I was “too nice”, I pray that one day you will love yourself enough to risk being too nice to someone who is too nice right back to you.  Because loving fully and being loved in return (come what may) really is a risk worth taking.

How to stop obsessing over things you can’t control


Ever wanted something baaaaad?

Like—hot fudge brownies after a juice cleanse, trade in your firstborn child, Olivia and Fitz in an empty room on Scandal—bad?

Maybe you applied for a job that is ridiculously perfect for you. You’ve polished your resume to gleaming perfection, nailed the first interview, and sent a hand written thank you note to possible soon-to-be employer.

Or you just started dating someone and the chemistry off the chain. He seems like he could be the handsome spiritual Romeo to your Juliet and you have visions of the two of you making puns, doing sun salutations and saving the world as you ride off together into the (possibly Costa Rican) sunset! (just me?)

Whatever the situation, you’re excited. No dancing around the perimeter anymore, you’ve taken the risk, put yourself out there, and are now ALL IN.

It’s awesome, exciting & totally exhilarating.

But not knowing if it’s going to all work out is also making you feel, oh how do I put this delicately, FUCKING ANXIOUS!

The thing is it’s easy to be all cool, calm and collected when you don’t care that much about the outcome. When you could really go either way.

But when you do care? It can take everything you have not to unleash a stage 5 hurricane of anxiety onto the world (and hopefully not but unfortunately very possibly) the object of your desire.

If you can relate to what I’m talking about even a little (You know who you are) watch this video and apply these tools (I promise, you’ll thank me later):

And if you liked this video, feel free to share it on social media!



How to Improve Your Energy & Stay Positive


Ever had one of those days where literally EVERYTHING goes wrong?

You oversleep, rush to the office, and end up spilling your skinny vanilla latte all over your skirt. In an attempt to calm down you log onto Facebook and discover that the ex who broke your heart is dating someone new. And she’s pretty.

Next you open your email, and as you scan your inbox your shoulders begin to tighten as you realize everything you have to do. You’ve barely started responding to messages when your boss stops by with an important project that needs to be done ASAP.

Minutes after you’ve switched gears and begun the new project, your computer freezes and forces you to restart. As you wait for it to do it’s thing (even though you SO don’t have time for this), you check your phone, wondering if the cute guy you met last weekend has texted you. He hasn’t. But your roommate has. There has been a small flood in your apartment. Nothing too crazy, she assures you, everything’s just wet and smells a little like mold…

Can you relate?

Many of us can.

We want to be happy, poised, and serene, but sometimes life just throws a whole lot of crazy our way. And while this story might be a slight exaggeration, I’m confident that many of you can relate to having your good mood and positive intentions rocked by external events outside your control.

LUCKILY, our moods don’t have to be at the whim of fate. In fact, the more we learn about ourselves and practice tools designed to enhance peace and serenity, that harder our calm will be to shake and the quicker we’ll bounce back when it is shaken.

In today’s video I discuss 7 of my favorite tools for reconnecting to your positive energy when you feel out of whack. Use them, share them with your friends, and feel free to leave a comment if they resonate with you:

And if you find these tools helpful + want to learn more about improving your overall sense of peace and well being, contact me for a FREE 45 minute coaching consultation.



Taking ‘Vacation Mentality’ into Every Day Life


Greetings from Costa Rica!

It is my deep pleasure to pen this post as I sip fresh coconut water in a hammock overlooking the jungle. Life really doesn’t get better than this.

Now it’s easy to remain in a dizzying haze of bliss when your day is a blur of sun salutations, swimming under waterfalls and sipping piña coladas, but taking the vacation mentality into your every day life is JUST as important.

So if you want a mega-boost for your overall happiness and well being, check out this video of 4 tips for bringing the vacation mentality into your every day life:

Peace, love and Pura Vida,