Girl power goddesses to Google right now!


The following 5 dynamic digital divas will leave you bursting with inspiration and ready to take on the world…
1) Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly helps modern women stylishly blend yoga and entrepreneurship into their everyday lives, and I consider her books, HipTranquil Chick and Tranquilista, to be my sparkly pink bibles. Kimberly’s podcast, Tranquility Du Jour, offers fantastic interviews of people at the forefront of the personal growth and creativity arenas, and her charming Tranquility Du Jour blog always puts a smile on my face.

2) Marie Forleo
Marie is a self-described “business strategist, marketing maven, and spiritual ass-kicker with a side of hip hop swagger” and one of the best (and most popular) she-Vloggers on the web.  Her vibrant videos covering everything from business growth to spirituality never fail to leave me energized and full of excitement.
3) Danielle LaPorte
Life coach Danielle LaPorte writes that “feminine power and progressive commerce are revolutionary forces” and I couldn’t agree more.  Her website and best-selling book, The Fire Starter Sessions, showcase her powerful writing which is wise, sassy and totally irreverent all at once. 
4) Gabrielle Bernstein
The cover of Gabrielle’s 1st book, Add More Ing to Your Life, (pictured above) which shows her unicycling on a crowded NYC street sporting a huge grin and angel wings pretty much says it all.  I very much enjoy her weekly Vlogs centered around self-improvement and personal growth and the warmth and panache with which she delivers them.
5) Gala Darling 
Through her irresistible blog and eBook, appropriately titled, Love and Sequins, Gala Darling offers a message of “Radical self-love”.  She encourages her ever-growing tribe of self-described “International Plagirls” to join her on on a path of self-actualization and style.  
Who inspires you on the wonderful World Wide Web?  Please share in the comments below!

Knowing something intellectually vs. knowing it emotionally


“There is a difference between knowing something intellectually and knowing it emotionally; knowing it in a way that echoes on a deep core level. Sometimes the most obvious truths are some of the most difficult to assimilate…and until we learn them, they will keep popping up in our lives.” –Gala Darling

Serenity that will fuel you in a whole new way

inspirational quote

“Too often we fuel our lives with activities, tasks, or busyness to avoid feeling bored.  Years of focusing our attention ‘out there’ makes it difficult to take the time and space to look inward and spend time reflecting on our lives.  Often what lies beneath the feelings of boredom is fear of the unknown, of facing unmet dreams, or a desire to remain detached from the feelings we’ve suppressed for years.  But with practice, you’ll discover that learning to sit with the feelings of boredom that quickly give way to a deeper reflection of your life eventually leads to a sense of peace and serenity that will fuel you in a whole new way.”
-Cheryl Richardson

Say yes to the adventure of life

I find the following personal manifesto written by the fabulous Gala Darling to be so inspiring that I’ve printed it out and hung it next to my desk (I’ve made bold the parts that particularly resonate with me):

“Strive to always be thankful and optimistic.  Focus your gaze on what is good and positive; never dwell on the negative.  Do not allow life to make you cynical or closed off.  Remaining open and true to yourself is a life-long adventure, & the only one worth having.

Choose to see the best in people.  Strike up conversations with strangers.  Never be afraid to ask for what you really, really want.  To love, purely and fiercely, without agenda, is the most terrifying and rewarding thing you will ever do.  Travel is essential to the spirit.  A pair of great shoes means nothing if you have an ugly heart. 

Try your hardest not to judge anyone else; it never leads anywhere good.  Always avoid tabloids and gossip, they destroy the soul.  Be kind and loyal.  Many things in this world are more important than money.  Always trust your intuition, always.  Rescue animals, it will strengthen your heart.  Never delight in anyone else’s misery.  Trust in others.

You are your own best investment.  Believe in the magic of a new day and a fresh start.  Follow your bliss.  Do more of what you love.  Always do the best you can.  Create your own family and care for them ferociously. 

When people offer you opportunities that scare you, say yes: It’s the very best way to grow.  You are never as stuck as you think.  Stay eager.  Love yourself. Say yes to the adventure of life.”

-Gala Darling

What to do when you’re totally stressed out


Work is piling up, you feel a cold coming on, you just missed a deadline, your car has decided to fall to pieces and you can no longer see the bottom of your bedroom floor. Whether you blame Mercury retrograde or just plain bad luck, we’ve all had days where the thought of spending a month in bed eating cookie dough, drinking wine, and watching The Vampire Diaries sounds pretty damn good (Just me?). If this is the case, it’s time to take action. Here are some simple things that help me get back into a centered, focused and happy place when I feel like life is spinning out of control:

* Meditation

* Journaling

* Making a To-Do List and crossing things off

* Reading inspirational books and blogs (see my sidebar for recommendations)

* Spending time in nature

* Getting a good night’s sleep

* Taking bubble baths (more than one a day is perfectly acceptable and etra points for scented candles and trashy magazines!)

* Exercising

* Volunteering

* Getting a massage

* Expressing gratitude

* Spending quality time with close friends

* Sipping tea

* Doing something crafty

* Cleaning

* Dancing

Remember, above all, to be compassionate to yourself. We are all being challenged in different ways at different times of our lives. It’s part of being human. The best thing you can do when you are in that icky stressed out place is to love yourself as much as possible, and take baby steps towards getting your life back in order. And a little cookie dough, white wine, and good-bad TV never hurts! Wishing you all lots of lovely peace and happiness this week!

There is no reason not to follow your heart

“. . . almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”
-Steve Jobs