Quit That Quarter-Life Kvetching


Is my boyfriend the one? Is this job right for me? Did I order the right thing on the menu?  Should I have gone to that other party?
If questions like these run through your mind on the ‘reg, I have one thing to say to you:
Quit that quarter-life kvetching, woman!
Rather than obsessing over whether or not your current life circumstances are 100% “right”, why not redirect your focus to doing the absolute best that you can with the life situations that are right in front of you.
At work, bring your total attention to completing each and every assignment with excellence.  On dates, be open to enjoying time spent with another human being, rather than freaking out over whether or not he or she fulfills your perfect man (or woman) checklist.  When stuck in traffic, take the opportunity to breathe deeply, call a friend, or listen to some great music or an inspirational podcast.
I deeply believe that our ideal lives are not a set of “perfect” circumstances we will someday “achieve” and ride off into blissfully happy sunsets.   I think it’s more like an attitude we can choose to adopt no matter what life throws our way.
I’ve had mediocre dates turn into amazing friends.  Lack of plans turn into awesome adventures.   Not making the cut end up being an amazing stroke of luck.
It is all in your attitude Babycakes!
What do you think about this subject?  Do you fall prey to quarter life-kvetching and feel pressured to have it all figured out yesterday?  Would love to hear about it in the comments below!
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