Work with me

Are you ready to make make marketing your business feel less like work and more like PLAY?

Rebecca Rubin 2

BrandFABULOUS is a 90 day program for entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready to take their online visibility to the next level–and have fun while doing it!

On the surface?

It’s about learning to create impactful + snazzy website copy, get featured in the glossies, sizzle on social media, and write blog posts and e-newsletters that beg to be read and shared.

But really?

It’s about uncovering what makes you + your business uniquely FABULOUS and empowering you to express that flavor of fabulous on (and off!) line.

BrandFABULOUS is for you if you’re a soulful and passionate mover n’ shaker who loves your business but haaaaatttes marketing — If you struggle to:

  • Explain what you do to strangers (whether it’s on your website or at a cocktail party).
  • Promote your services without feeling like a sleazy McSleazball.
  • Overcome anxiety about playing big, being vulnerable and putting your authentic self + work out there online.
  • Figure out how to tackle online marketing without drowning in overwhelm.

This program includes…

  • A welcome prep packet and BrandFABULOUS questionnaire
  • A signature 2-hour Brandstorm session followed by 8 hour-long coaching sessions (10 hours of coaching in total)
  • Customized BRANDwork to complete in between calls
  • Feedback on your website and copy edits to 3 pages
  • A 3 month marketing and visibility plan
  • Email support for the duration of the program
  • Lifetime access to my private brandFABULOUS Facebook group where you can get support from me and fellow brandFABULOUS attendees.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 6.03.07 PM

By the end of the 90-Day program, you will have …

  • A crystal clear understanding of your brand’s “FABU-factor”, or what makes you + your work uniquely brilliant
  • An ahh-mazing answer to the dreaded, “So what do YOU do?” question
  • A deep understanding of your target audience (who they are, where they hang out, and how to reach them)
  • Dazzling website copy that makes your dream clients want to scream “yes yes yes!”
  • Access to the best practical + spiritual tools I’ve come across in my 5+ years as a digital marketing strategist and life coach.
  • More “Ah-Ha” moments, positive momentum and clarity than you know what to do with!

The investment for BrandFABULOUS is $3000.

So babes, are you ready to stop being you’re industry’s best-kept secret? To shine BIGGER and BRIGHTER than you ever thought possible?

Email me at and get ready to become DIGITAL ROYALTY!

digital royalty

What are you waiting for, your highness?


2 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. I have a new website for my two businesses. I haven’t exactly expressed what I do on my website and I’m feeling strange writing about myself.
    I’m on the verge of something spectacular but terrified of it at the same time. My comfort zone is flying under the radar in every aspect of my life. I’m ready to chose something else!
    One more thing……..I am REALLY broke right now and……………ready to chose steady, flowing income.
    Whada ya think? Am I a candidate for your program or what?
    Have an awesome day!!

  2. Hi Suzie!
    Great to hear from you! It sounds like you would be a perfect fit for the brandFABULOUS program. The investment is $1,950 and I offer a 3 part payment plan if that is of interest to you. Feel free to email me privately to set up a time to chat at I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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