Love + Praise

Working with Rebecca Rubin is like having a Marketing Angel on your shoulder 24/7. With her magic wand in hand, she somehow wiggles her way inside your head, draws out the words, concepts and ideas you’ve been struggling to formulate and sprinkles your newly refined message all over the web.  What drew me to Rebecca was her passion, drive and clarity. She was SO EXCITED to work with me and grow my brand and already had a clear vision of what it would look like. Rebecca is the Queen B of marketing. She’s fast, focused and fabulous in all the right ways. As a coach, I recommend her to all my clients looking to dive deeper into their online marketing presence and expand their brand in a new way. Say yes to working with Rebecca; you’ll be so happy you did!”
-Katie DePaola
Life and Business Coach
katie d
I recently decided to launch my own nutrition consulting business, but was absolutely lost and overwhelmed on how to get started! Thankfully, I discovered Rebecca! I completed a BRANDSTORM Session with her and she was able to help me turn my ideas into reality! Rebecca is EXTREMELY creative and an amazing writer. She was the perfect person to bounce ideas off of and with her help I left our call feeling confident and excited about my new business plan! Don’t hesitate to work with her for any of your business needs!”
-Lindsay Hunt
Health Coach
Lindsay H
I have never seen whimsy and joy so gracefully embodied in a coach like I have with Rebecca. Working with her was one of the most clarifying yet challenging journeys of my life. With Rebecca’s guidance I was able to take apart and move past all of my self imposed hurdles. She encouraged me on a daily basis to empower my voice and stand behind my message. She taught me to release the attachment my ego had to my work and put it out there with faith that I will reach who I must. Was it easy? No! But it was one of the most fun and most nurturing processes I have ever gone through. I am forever grateful to Rebecca for her unconditional love and all the breakthroughs it has provided for me!
-Desiree Handal
Life Coach
Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.02.10 PM
Coaching with Rebecca changed my life and the way I see and relate to my brand and business vision! I am a more confident coach & entrepreneur because of the breakthroughs I made through the BRANDFabulous program! All I have to say is DO IT!”
-Dana Regan
Life Coach

When Rebecca first told me about her plan for me to identify what I wanted (and didn’t want) in a partner in order to stimulate my love life, I was skeptical about how it would help. However, as she led me through the process, I found myself thinking hard for the first time about what I actually wanted and needed in a potential long-term relationship. I used this experience to realign my goals to focus on making myself the person I wanted to be to attract the right partner.

It was only 6 months later that I met the man that would become my husband. In between, I created many fulfilling friendships with other men, focused on my professional goals to great success, and gained a deeper understanding of what I wanted in life. When I finally met the right person, he not only matched what I had described to Rebecca, he also mentioned how he was drawn to me because I seemed more mature and focused than many of the other women he had met. Rebecca’s plan was the starting point for me to get both my personal and professional lives in order. I highly recommend that others follow her through the same process.”

– Katie Davis


Katie Davis

“When Rebecca and I began working together, I was going through a rough patch and knew that it was time to get it together. I was excited by (and honestly envious of) Rebecca’s confidence, passion and commitment to fabulousness via goals. As someone who has frequently, started things only to be distracted by something else, this was really important to me!

As a result of working with Rebecca, I’ve developed the confidence to trust my intuition much more than ever before. I’ve also gotten extremely clear about what I want, and to my surprise and delight–much of it has started to come true. For example, when I was negotiating a new salary, the final number ended up being the EXACT NUMBER I had originally picked… no joke.

The best part of working with Rebecca is experiencing how all things exciting and fun become your reality. So if you’re looking to take your life to the next level and want you own personal cheerleader, advice giver, and professional, Rebecca is your woman!”

-Lauren Weir

Career Coach

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.12.57 PM

I was inspired to coach with Rebecca Rubin, because of her extreme positive energy, and can do attitude. She had the new perspective on life that I was looking for. When I did not know the next steps, she knew the questions to ask to help me help myself. Coaching with Rebecca was thrilling, exciting, and wonderful. I feel blessed to have had her coach me. She helped me break down my fears and coached me towards a life I never thought I could have so soon.

Only six months ago, I was in a dead end job that was worthless and stressful, my living situation was abysmal, my relationships were unhealthy, and I felt trapped. I knew I wasn’t satisfied with where I was in life, but I couldn’t identify what was missing. Rebecca helped me get in touch with myself and my true desires, which helped me realize how inauthentic the life I was living was.

I had long dreamed of moving across the country and starting a new. Ask me six months ago, and I never would have thought I’d have already realized that dream.

What has struck me as most surprising about my experience with Rebecca, is that I am still using techniques and tools that she gave me, though I have not coached with her for months. Working with Rebecca is life changing. Don’t miss out.

-Melissa Katz

washington DC life coach

“After speaking with Rebecca, I came to the conclusion that she’d be the perfect person to listen to some of the ideas I had and give thoughtful, honest feedback on them. She is the rare sort of person who has a strong empathy quotient combined with solid analytic abilities.  And she’s brave—which in turn inspires bravery in her clients!  The best part of coaching with Rebecca?  Definitely the unburdened lightness and exuberance that came from talking through a proposed plan of action and coming to the realization that it’s imminently DOABLE.  As a result of working with Rebecca I have a clear idea of my next steps moving forward: Within 6 months I’ll have drafted a movie/play script and within a 2 years I will have started a new career.”

-Russ Ashford

Senior East Asia Policy Advisor

russ testimonial

Ultimately my work with Rebecca changed the trajectory of my life. I realized that I’d been waiting on my parents to show up in my life and protect me from abusive behavior of a sibling. I acted both like my absent parents and my abusive sibling toward myself. Coaching with Rebecca helped me to see that this belief had been standing in the way of ME actually showing up in MY life. Now, my boundaries are nurturing and protecting of myself which has increased my energy & my success exponentially. I was truly blessed!  Thank you Rebecca!”

~Cindy, Life Coach

“I decided to hire Rebecca during a critical moment of crisis. I needed a drastic dose of support to change my direction and focus in life.  Rebecca at the helm was a no brainer. The best part about working with Rebecca was that I knew our connection went way beyond a “coaching” relationship. She was an energetic safety net coming onboard to support my life direction.  After working together I now see the opportunity to build a client base who will refer me to others and feel ready to create my own unique stamp in the world.”

Life Coach, Real Estate Professional


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